06 September 2011

the commute.

currently listening to: the long way by the dixie chicks
i have always found my way some way - by taking the long way...CLICK!

someone at work told me that for the YEAR that i've been working at my current job, i've been adding
to my daily commute. apparent to everyone [except me], i've been driving on the WRONG highway system. i subsequently drowned my ineptitude in a nice large smoothie.
happy tuesday?

dress: ross heels: dsw earrings: forever 21

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check out my last post - its a list of my favorite things...

04 September 2011

guildedsecrets: part one

currently listening to: where is my mind? by the pixes
i couldn't think of a song that could possibly describe my state of mind better... after a long, exciting, insane, stressful, quick, irritating, fun week - i am officially brain dead. sorry for the lack of posts! clickity click.


these are a few of my favorite things - from top to bottom...
1. reprint of "the scream" by edvard munch
2. "hands" jewelry holder from urban outfitters
3. reprint of the london herald times article on muhammed ali vs. george foreman
4. the w september issue 2011 and the vogue september issue 2011.
5. movie poster for "swing state" - about ohio in the 2008 presidential election
6. a 2008 presidential campaign poster
7. new gold cuff and golden bird - both from charming charlie

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27 August 2011

aggressively sweet.

currently listening to: take over control by afrojack ft. eva simmons
who isn't obsessed with this delightfully infectious song? pure. dirty. fun.

this post should be rather short. i'm going to a black tie event tonight however this is NOT the dress i'm wearing. this was what i wore yesterday to work. with the guidelines being "texas black tie" i'm not quite certain what that sartorially entails - however since it is currently 102 degrees outside, i'm guessing a floor length gown is not encouraged lest one pass out from exhaustion and dehydration.

this dress is another target find. i was immediately drawn to the chevron pattern at the bustline, exposed zipper and OBNOXIOUSLY aggressive color...

dress: target heels: dsw lipgloss: viva glam vi by m.a.c. lipliner:'vino' by m.a.c.

hope you're having a fantastic weekend...

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22 August 2011

sweet king martin.

currently listening to: made it in america by kanye west & jay z ft. frank ocean
watch the throne is another BRILLIANT album spearheaded by quite possibly the best producer in hip hop today. at this point, nobody is as prolific as kanye west. his songs aren't just musical notes - they take you on a journey. more about that after the JUMP! click clack!

today i was struck by this song as i thought about the presentation of the new martin luther king jr. national memorial which was unveiled today [see more HERE]. this monument was the first non-president to have a national monument. during the chorus, frank ocean croons: "sweet king martin, sweet queen coretta. sweet brother malcolm, sweet queen betty. sweet mother mary, sweet father joseph. sweet jesus - we made it in america."

i cannot be anything but HUMBLED when i hear this song and think about the sacrifices that these civil rights leaders gave so that all could enjoy a future filled with human rights. they inspired a generation of individuals - not just americans with their selfless actions and poignant words. i feel especially close to the words and teachings of malcolm x and coretta scott king. both fought for freedom of both mind and soul. i cannot be anything except humbled and indebted to those leaders that came before me and suffered through worse just so that i do better for myself and my community. these are rights enjoyed not just by minorities - when one group succeeds in a positive light, we all succeed...

i know that writing a blog about life + style can border on destructive narcissism - however, i feel that showing how one can dress with style and maturity without renouncing individuality - in other words - dressing like young men and young women - can instill a sense of pride and responsibility in oneself. i work in a pretty conservative environment but always want to look older because of my age - close to 20 years younger than most :/ that being said, i'm really happy about my newest purchases. it is pretty rare that i shop at target, however these shoes were a $6 STEAL and wanted another suit-dress for those days where you want to look "put together" without trying.

dress: target heels: target necklace: charming charlies

s t r e e t e t i q u e t t e

when i saw this article titled "pushing the boundaries of black style" about young men who are dressing like YOUNG MEN i not only gasped aloud... i SWOONED. i am a big believer that given the option most people would rather dress up to go outside, however i know that many of my male friends find their fashion limiting.

and then there was street etiquette. funky, eclectic, creative and stylish are just a few words i have for these young men. the times did a fantastic write up on their inspiration and application. the best part of the article was the revelation that: "as opposed to the fantastically frozen street-style snaps of The Sartorialist and others, these pictures are styled and plotted fictions but also affecting ones, depicting a pair of young black men taking ownership not just of the body and what goes on it, but also of the environment it moves in." AMAZING. clothes in application. who would've thunk it? click the links to learn something different. these young men are the FUTURE....`
[SOURCE: street etiquette AND new york times]

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::post script::

do YOU shellac?
i'm currently OBSESSED with my new shellac manicure - knowing that it will last up to 3 weeks without any chips makes me smile... oh and i'm just realizing that i haven't posted in a week! i've missed so much!!